1. Road shots - the expedition team, taken by Jones - James Island, Juffereh, The Gambia, West Africa, 2009

    After Florio had taken the portrait of the female village chief, Tako Tall, her son Karamo, took us on a short boat ride out onto the Gambia River to James Island. Once used as a slave port, it contains the ruins of an old fort, Fort James.

    I had been here before, many years ago, and the size of the island is diminishing slowly  (daman ding, daman ding - mandinka)slowy, being reclaimed by the river. Its a beautifully haunting place……so much history……. so much fear, pain and anguish housed on that small island

    L-R: Momadou, Florio, Janneh & Samba

    Taken whilst on a ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - 930km African odyssey’

    Image © Jones-Florio, 2009

    For Jason Florio’s award-winning portraits of Gambian village chiefs and elders, please visit:


  2. Short Walk in The Gambian Bush expedition team member, Janneh, leads the way with (p)Hadley, one of our two trusty donkeys who are with us on the journey.

    Donkeys are notoriously scared of water – and that includes their reflection in puddles!?! Janneh had a knack of gently coaxing (p)Hadley across the causeway.

    Image: Jones – The Gambia – 2009 Janneh and (p)Hadly bond