1. Random roadshots: Jason Florio - Sunset & Baobab Trees, James Island, Juffereh, The Gambia, West Africa

    Image © Helen Jones-Florio 2009

  2. photos-tell-stories:

    Sunset, Baobab trees, and silhouette on the jetty, James Island (Former slave port) ,Juffreh/Albreda, The River Gambia, West Africa.

    Image © Helen Jones-Florio

  3. Sunrise in The Gambia, West Africa

    We saw the most beautiful sunrises (and sunsets) – every morning for 6 weeks. At times, they set the sky on fire.

    Image: Jones – The Gambia – 2009 Early morning on the road

  4. Jones, Janneh & (p)Hadley, the donkey - its early morning on the road and the sun is coming up. The Gambia, West Africa. You can sense the peace and tranquility of the road in this shot. We have a long walk ahead of us…….

    Image by: Florio-2009 'on-the-road shots

  5. Images: Florio-2009 The Gambia, West Africa

    Taken whilst on ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush-a 930km African Odyssey’

  6. Image: Florio-2009 

    Jones on the Gambia River at sunset

    Blog Entry: 15th November 2009

    The Short Walk in The Gambian Bush team take some time off and a boat ride on the tranquil Gambia River, after a day of walking (19km from Soto Koi). We have reached the village of Sambel Kunda and The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. We have been walking for two weeks now and made 267km’s. So, its good to take the weight off our feet and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful river.