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    River Gambia Expedition - 1000km source to sea African odyssey

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    Sunset, Baobab trees, and silhouette on the jetty, James Island (Former slave port) ,Juffreh/Albreda, The River Gambia, West Africa.

    Image © Helen Jones-Florio

  3. Short Walk in The Gambian Bush expedition team member, Janneh, leads the way with (p)Hadley, one of our two trusty donkeys who are with us on the journey.

    Donkeys are notoriously scared of water – and that includes their reflection in puddles!?! Janneh had a knack of gently coaxing (p)Hadley across the causeway.

    Image: Jones – The Gambia – 2009 Janneh and (p)Hadly bond