1. UPDATE: August 2014 - Please check out 'Photos Tell Stories' for all further updates about our photography projects, work, photography workshops, travel, and more… Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio

  2. Crikey…we did it! You did it!! Kickstarter success!

    We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and encouragement over these last months, including ‘An Exchange’ for Jason Florio’s fine art photo prints (still running on the River Gambia Expedition blog by the way, so it’s not too late!) and on Kickstarter.

    It’s our last day before we fly down to West Africa and lots of running around (nothing new there, then), to begin the River Gambia Expedition proper. We’ll post more updates later…soon…once we can breathe again ;)

    BIG LOVE and gratitude to everyone…we are truly humbled.
    Jason & Helen Florio x

    Image: Florio & H – ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – a 930km African odyssey’ 2009 The Gambia, West Africa

  3. 'A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey' 2009 - West Africa

    Image © Jason Florio - the expedition team at dawn, leaving Kalaji village, The Gambia, West Africa

    October 2012 Update: forthcoming expedition: 'River Gambia Expedition - 1000km source to sea African odyssey'

  4. Random road shots: Almost the end of the journey - Helen Jones-Florio on The Barra-Banjul Ferry - across the River Gambia

    Image © Jason Florio - A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey

  5. 'Silafando' - Award-winning portraits of village chiefs, 'Alkalos', and elders by Jason Florio

    Taken whilst on a 930km walk around the small West African country of The Gambia - 2009

  6. One Life International Photography Awards, 2011 - Presented by PDN - Open now for entries
    Previous winners include: Jason Florio ‘People’ Category for his portraits of Gambian village chiefs, Alkalo’s, from ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey’


  7. Gambian village chief’s brother, Samba Sowe - a farmer from the small village of Felling Koto, The Gambia, West Africa. Image © Jason Florio, 2009, from his award-winning series of portraits of Gambian chiefs and elders.

    Taken whilst on ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey’