1. Random Post of the Day: Blog Entry: 12th December 2009 - A Short Walk n The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey’

    The wheel comes off the donkey cart - again! Jones and the expedition team wait in Kanifing for a mechanic to re-attach the wheel. We are just a short 20km or so from the end of the walk.

    We lose the wheel yet again and this was on the last day of our journey! So near to Makasutu, yet so bloody far. It would turn out to be the longest wait and walk of the entire 930km journey…by the time we get back to Makasutu, stumbling around in the dark with exhaustion, leading the donkeys (after having eventually abandoning the cart in a small village), at 1.30am the next morning!!

    All part of the adventure…

    Image: Jason Florio – The Gambia – 2009 A very patient Jones & Janneh – adopts, what is by now, a well-rehearsed pose!


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  3. Jason Florio’s beautiful B&W photography from the Short Walk in The Gambian Bush expedition.

    Image: The team, donkeys and cart on the road, on the last day of the journey, leaving Banjul.

  4. Total Distance walked to-date: 929.40km. YES!! WE DID IT!!! Eventually……..

    Its on again, its off again!! The saga of the donkey cart wheel! Going once, going twice…..GONE! The 3rd time the wheel disconnected itself from the cart, it was already pitch black (no electricity in the village where we were at the time). So, we gave up on it, unhitched Neil and (p)Hadley, the donkeys, and off we all set into the bush, to finish what we started 6 weeks ago!

    It turned out to be the longest day on the road of the entire expedition. Today we will make a whopping 40km walk (including 5km on the Barra to Banjul ferry crossing - ok, so we can’t walk across water!) from Barra to Makasutu and Mandina River Lodges, friends and familiar faces - our journeys end: Home. A cold Julbrew, followed by our first hot shower in 6 weeks and ending the expedition by falling, exhausted but replete, onto crisp white sheets and a proper bed, with a mattress!!!

    Oh…..and Neil & (p)Hadley? In groundnut hay heaven, safely ensconced in their little stable in the grounds of Makasutu Culture Forest!

    Images by: Florio & Jones - Kannifing, Serrekunda, Lamin and on the road to Kambujeh and Makasutu!

    Blog Entry: 12th December 2009, The Gambia, West Africa

  5. Image: Florio-2009 Jones and the ‘Short Walk in The Gambian Bush’ team make the early morning crossing over the Gambia River from the port of Barra to Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa (Dec 12th 2009)

  6. Sunrise in The Gambia, West Africa

    We saw the most beautiful sunrises (and sunsets) – every morning for 6 weeks. At times, they set the sky on fire.

    Image: Jones – The Gambia – 2009 Early morning on the road

  7. Award-winning portrait of village chief (Alkalo) Massaneh Cham of Chamen Sosseh, The Gambia, West Africa.

    Blog Entry 9th December, 2009 - distance walked to-date: 827km

    We are nearing the end of our journey - on the road, at least.

    Image: Florio-2009

  8. Image: Expedition leaders, Florio & Jones. Here we are on a red dusty road with Paddy, the donkey, whilst on our 930km walk around The Gambia, West Africa.

    The red dust was the bane of our daily life for the first week of the journey. It got everywhere - ears, eyes, nose, mouth and other places you can’t even begin to fathom how it got there!!

    Image by: Janneh-November 2009

  9. Alkalo (chief) Maduma Ceesay of the village of Sami Surwa Kunda, The Gambia, West Africa. From Jason Florio award-winning series of colour portraits ‘Silafando - a gift to you on behalf of my journey’. Taken whilst on a 930km walk around the small West African country.

    Distance walked to-date: 554km (28th November 2009)

    Image: Florio-2009


  10. Image: Florio-2009 Alkalo Kebba Kora, Bansang village, The Gambia, West Africa

    18th November 2009 - A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush team reach the village of Bansang and Florio gets to photograph his 12th chief (Alkalo), Kebba Kora, on our 930km walk around the small West African country.

    The village of Bansang is actually more of a town - sprawling and densely populated - surrounded by rice paddy fields (faro’s). Jammeh, the president is promoting Gambia to to grow their own rice again, as opposed to depending on imported rice from far away places such as Thailand(!). There are many swam lands in the Central River Division of The Gambia, which makes it ideal territory to cultivate rice.

    When we arrived to meet the Alkalo, we could see many women bent over, working hard in the faro’s as we set up the black backdrop for Florio to take the Alkalo’s portrait.

    Kebba, the Alkalo told us that hippo’s were a huge problem for the rice farmer as they come up from the Gambia River, which is very near by, and eat the crops during the night. Often devastating a whole field in one go, before the farmers even have a chance to harvest their crops. This can then lead to food-scarcity not only from feeding their families the rice but also from selling it at the local lumo’s (huge weekly markets)

    With the Gambia River within walking distance, after the shoot, the team walked into the town to explore and to see the river. We got there just as dusk was settling in. So beautiful out there, as we watched a local ferry take its passengers to the other side (where we would be in a few short weeks - insh’allah!)

    The Alkalo very kindly offered to let us use his radio-station to camp in for the night. The building was still under construction - i.e. a long way from being finished! So, Florio and I hung our mosquito from the ceiling, in one of the empty rooms (after we swept away the rubble and dust!) and laid down the Therm-a-rest mattresses on the concrete floor. The rest of the team, unrolled their mattresses in one of the other empty rooms. Our ‘bathroom’ was a bucket (or behind the house!) in what would one day actually be a bathroom. However, as yet, the bath tub lay upended and the toilet unplumbed.

    Once back from our walk, Janneh set up the furno (a small hand-crafted stove) and lit the kembo (charcoal) on the balcony (again, after much sweeping away of debris) to make tea for the team. We lit some candles and got the incense burning (to keep away the pertinacious mosquito’s!) just as the Alkalo’s son very kindly brought a family bowl of fish and rice, from his mother, and a loaf of tapalapa to mop of the oily juice…….delicious, after a long days walk (21km) in the hot sun

    Distance walked to-date: 346km