1. Justin Muschong interviews us, Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio, about our ‘Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - 930km African odyssey’ for Resource Magazine, 2011
    Featuring JasonFlorio’s award-winning portraits of Gambian village chiefs and Helen Jones-Florio’s behind-the-scenes images


  2. Matt Smith of The Gambia Blog, UK, plugs Florio’s filmed interview about our 930km walk around The Gambia, West Africa, and how he photographed the village chiefs for his award-winning portraits, for:

    'Real Exposures' with Jennifer Diamond for B&H Camera Store, NYC - aired Feb 2011


  3. Resource Magazine - Winter 2011 edition - out now! Featuring ‘Trekking Through Gambia’ Justin Muschong interview’s Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio about their ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - 930km African odyssey’ and the background behind what are now award-winning portraits of Gambian village chiefs (Alkalo’s)


  4. Blog Entry: Press - Aug 2010 - PDN Magazine features one of Jason Florio’s portrait of Gambian village chief (Alkalo Messaneh Cham) on the cover (and inside).

    Conor Risch, PDN, also talks to Florio about how we appealed to friends and family to help fund our West African expedition last year (now popularly known as ‘crowd funding’ – not that we knew it back then!), by offering fine art expedition prints on our return from the 930km walk. And if you read to the end of the magazine, you get to hear about where the inspiration behind Florio’s use of the black backdrop came from



  5. Press: Blog Entry-June 2010 Adventure Travel Magazine, UK, on-line now! Interview with Jones about ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey’

    Screen shot 2010-06-24 at 2.54.30 PM

    Images by: Jones & Florio

    When Florio and I returned to the UK from The Gambia, Rosie Fuller of Adventure Travel Magazine called and interviewed me for a feature about the expedition. The article came out on the shelves in their April edition, 2010, and they have now just uploaded it into their website. Here is the link to the article:



  6. Blog Entry- June 2010: Pulitzer Prize-winning NYC photo editor, Stella Kramer, interviews Jones for her blog, Stellazine, about her (Jones’) ‘experience, and what she learned about herself, about travelling with donkeys, and where home really is….’
    Main Image © Jones-2009: Fula tribe boys playing in the field as Florio sets up his trademark black cloth in the background, ready to photograph the village chief.

    The inimitable Stella Kramer asked me if she could interview me for her blog, Stellazine. Ermmm……ok! I really admire her work so I was extremely flattered that she asked me. She said she was really interested in hearing my story because I had kept the blog whilst on the road (and obviously still do). Her questions were great and answering them took me back to the journey and made me want to literally be back on those dusty roads.

    Here is the interview. I hope you enjoy.

    http://blog.stellakramer.com/2010/06/short-walk-in-gambian-bush-helen-jones.html (images from both myself and Florio – i.e. he took the ones with me in them!)

    Neil, the donkey, and Jones - our trusty road companions are going home, Makasutu Culture Forest, The Gambia, 2009

    Neil, the donkey, and Jones (getting a wee bit teary) - our trusty road companions are going home, Makasutu Culture Forest, The Gambia, 2009

    Image: Florio-2009-Gambia

  7. Adventure Travel Magazine feature ‘Gambian Gamble - a great African Trek’ interview with Jones (co-expedition leader ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush’)


    (click on cover in the link to view magazine)

    Jones is interviewed about the journey. The hard copy of the magazine is on the shelves now at all reputable book stores (UK).

    Blog Entry: March 2010

  8. The Short Walk in The Gambian Bush team and Makasutu Wildlife Trust are interviewed for Gambian T.V.’s ‘Expedition Gambian’ series
    Image: L-R: Florio, Jones, Ibrahim Jatta (presenter), James English (Makasutu WLT)