1. Award-winning images of Gambian Chiefs (Alkalo’s) by Jason Florio. Taken whilst on a 930km walk around the small West African country.

    Image: Alkalo Landing Jammeh of Tamba Kunda, Kalaji & Alkalo Julu Sanyang, Kalaji - The Gambia, West Africa, 2009

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  2. Gambia Experience Travel Agents - Quarterly Magazine ‘Your Experience’ January 2011- featuring ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - 930km African odyssey’ words and award-winning images by Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio


  3. Blog Entry: 30th November 2009, The Gambia, West Africa

    Images: Florio-2009 Taken whilst on a 930km African odyssey

    Image#1: A young Gambian boy plays with his toy - a old rubber bicycle tyre and a stick

    Image#2: A young Gambian boy gallops by on his horse. It was a strange sight to see, on the tarmac. Tarmac was also a strange site for us to see too, as we had been walking predominantly on sand, and in the bush, for the last 4 weeks.

    Image#3: The village chief, Alkalo Dam Sallah, comes to greet our team at the camp site in Kerr Sait Maram

    Image#4: Walking into the Wollof tribe village of Kerr Sait Maram to present the ‘Silafando’ (gift of Kola nuts) and to photograph the Alkalo http://930kmafricanodyssey.tumblr.com/post/1526353082/silafando-a-gift-to-you-on-behalf-of-my

    Image#5: The expedition team on the tarmac road - an odd feeling and not one that we relished, after the stillness of the bush. However, traffic was surprisingly sparse on the main road. Aside from the odd boy on a horse, our cart and two donkeys were pretty much the only traffic most of the time!