1. Total Distance walked to-date: 929.40km. YES!! WE DID IT!!! Eventually……..

    Its on again, its off again!! The saga of the donkey cart wheel! Going once, going twice…..GONE! The 3rd time the wheel disconnected itself from the cart, it was already pitch black (no electricity in the village where we were at the time). So, we gave up on it, unhitched Neil and (p)Hadley, the donkeys, and off we all set into the bush, to finish what we started 6 weeks ago!

    It turned out to be the longest day on the road of the entire expedition. Today we will make a whopping 40km walk (including 5km on the Barra to Banjul ferry crossing - ok, so we can’t walk across water!) from Barra to Makasutu and Mandina River Lodges, friends and familiar faces - our journeys end: Home. A cold Julbrew, followed by our first hot shower in 6 weeks and ending the expedition by falling, exhausted but replete, onto crisp white sheets and a proper bed, with a mattress!!!

    Oh…..and Neil & (p)Hadley? In groundnut hay heaven, safely ensconced in their little stable in the grounds of Makasutu Culture Forest!

    Images by: Florio & Jones - Kannifing, Serrekunda, Lamin and on the road to Kambujeh and Makasutu!

    Blog Entry: 12th December 2009, The Gambia, West Africa