1. 'A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush - a 930km African odyssey' 2009 - West Africa

    Image © Jason Florio - the expedition team at dawn, leaving Kalaji village, The Gambia, West Africa

    October 2012 Update: forthcoming expedition: 'River Gambia Expedition - 1000km source to sea African odyssey'

  2. Image 1: ‘Mrs Ndong’ The Gambia - street art/graffiti by Shawn Bullen

    Image 2: ‘Sirmou’ Burma  - street art/graffiti by ‘Mustart’

    Art Basel, Wynwood Arts District, Miami - with photographer, Jason Florio.

    Shawn, Lotso & Musart came by the gallery last night and did a couple of amazing pieces, outside on the street, of Jason’s award-winning fine art photography Makasutu and Burma images - on show here at Art Basel. They’ll be back to do more. Come on by if you are in the neighbourhood - live music and a bar later today and all weekend.

    http://www.floriophoto.com/#/new%20work/62%20years%20in%20the%20jungle%20/1 - Florio’s award-winning portraits of the Karen people of Burma, SE Asia

    http://www.floriophoto.com/#/projects/makasutu/9  - Florio’s award-winning portraits of the people who live and work around the sacred forest of Makasutu, The Gambia, West Africa.

    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1144170945&sk=info (Shawn Bullen FB page)

    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003184648917 (Losto Alotski FB Page)

    Images © Helen Jones-Florio, Dec 2011


  3. The Haggerty Museum of Art - recent aquisition - Jason Florio’s Makasutu B&W portraits, The Gambia, West Africa

    Image © Jason Florio: ‘Ensa (Gambian guide), holding freshly slaughtered cow head, for male ‘coming of age’ ceremony, Myork village, The Gambia, West Africa

    From the exhibition:  ‘The Truth is Not in the Mirror - Photography and a Constructed Identity’   January 19th-May 22nd 2011

    Photography as a medium has always been actively concerned with describing identity. While a portrait is typically an artistic representation of a person where verisimilitude is the goal, here the inquiry is questioned and expanded. Rather than employing a camera to create an objective document, the artists in this exhibition are often involved in constructing narrative sequences that pose questions with open-ended outcomes. As the title, The Truth is Not in the Mirror... suggests, photography has the power to imply, construct, and/or deny a narrative. Many of the photographers are contemporary story tellers and, in this sense, their work reflects facets of our ever-changing precepts about family, identity, truth and fiction.

    The artists in the exhibition: Tina Barney, Claire Beckett, Valerie Belin, Dawoud Bey, Jesse Burke, Kelli Connell, Michael Corridore, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Rineke Dijkstra, Jason Florio, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Andy Freeberg, Lee Friedlander, David Hockney, Nikki S. Lee, Graham Miller, Martin Parr, Thomas Ruff, The Sartorialist, Alec Soth, Will Steacy, Larry Sultan, and Mickalene Thomas.


    For the Makasutu portraits, please visit Jason Florio’s website http://www.floriophoto.com/#/projects/makasutu/1

  4. Art Basel, Miami, FL - Please stop by and see Jason Florio’s award-winning fine art photography print series ‘Makasutu - mecca in the forest’ - a body of work that he has been working on for over 12 years from The Gambia, West Africa.

    Live street art of Jason’s Makasutu and Burma from the very talented Shawn Bullen, Losto Alotski and Mustart

    Gallery: 260 NW 25th St (btw 2nd & 3rd Ave), Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL

    in collaboration with Eric M Gast/FM World Charities

    Images © Jason Florio


  5. 31st Aug 2011: Jason Florio Photography Exhibition- extended for a few more days @ Hagedorn Foundation Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    'Makasutu - Mecca in the Forest' & 'Silafando - A Gift to You on Behalf of My Journey'
    Portraits from The Gambia, West Africa



  6. Image: ‘Ida-Gambian student’  portraits by Jason Florio - Geographical Magazine - cover(archive). From the series of large format black & white portraits of the people who live and work around a sacred forest ‘Makasutu - mecca in the forest’. The Gambia, West Africa:


    A book is also available


  7. Jason Florio’s B&W portraits of village chiefs (Alkalo’s) ‘Makasutu - mecca in the forest’ The Gambia, West Africa. Taken over a period of 12 years.

    Available in various print sizes (please contact helen.jones@floriophoto.com for price list on fine art photography print sales) and in book form:


  8. Matt Smith of The Gambia Blog, UK, plugs Florio’s filmed interview about our 930km walk around The Gambia, West Africa, and how he photographed the village chiefs for his award-winning portraits, for:

    'Real Exposures' with Jennifer Diamond for B&H Camera Store, NYC - aired Feb 2011


  9. Jason Florio interview with Jennifer Diamond at B&H, NYC. Award-winning Gambian portraits, our 930km West Africa expedition, camera equipment and his signature black background, Jan 2011

    He also pays homage to Avedon and Disfarmer


  10. Book: ‘Makasutu - mecca in the forest’ Jason Florio - Large format B&W portraits of the people who live and work around Makasutu, a sacred forest in the West African Republic of The Gambia. The portraits were made on twelve trips over the past thirteen years.

    For more from the Makasutu series of B&W images, please visit the website: