1. The West African expedition team are welcomed into the village of Sambel Kunda by a whole school of children singing and clapping; You Tube footage of visiting The Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust and messing about on the Gambia River.

    Road Stories - Blog entry: Nov 2009

    A day on the Gambia River, near to Sambel Kunda (where The Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust is (http://www.gambiahorseanddonkey.org.uk/). We had stopped by for a couple of days rest and to drop off one of our donkeys, Paddy, and swap him for (p)Hadley – he being a slightly more mature donkey to make the rest of the journey with us.

    A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush expedition team – messing about on the river (Gambia)

    'Wobbly Productions' featuring, Samba Lee, Jones & Janneh (Florio on vocals). Momadou had decided to stay behind with his new wife who lived in the village and redeem himself - after having deserted her a week or so ago to come on the road with us!

    And check out this welcome we got at Sambel Kunda from the local school kids, who had apparently been  waiting for us for hours in the heat, singing and clapping the whole time. Amazing…….

    Paddy (the donkey) comes homeA massive welcome from the school kids in Sambel Kunda and The Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust team

    all together now: ‘Gambia, little Gambia……..’

    Image: Florio-2009-Gambia (me, recording the singing. And being the big softy that I am, at the same time hiding the tears of joy behind my sunglasses, at such a welcome from the kids – and perhaps a little from plain old exhaustion after 14 days walking!)

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