1. Video clips: ‘Gambia, Little Gambia….’ sing the school kids as they welcome us into the village of  in Sambel Kunda, when we visit the home of our expedition donkeys, The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (TGHDT). Then a little r’n’r for footage of the team on an afternoon on the Gambia River.

    Blog Entry: March 2010

    Our first experiment with putting footage from the expedition on You Tube. Its all the rage apparently. We have much more so watch this space.

    'Wobbly Productions' Presents:

    Movie clip 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc6Yt25peZ0 Arriving at Sambel Kunda – home of The Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust (and home to Paddy, Neil and Hadley -our faithful road-hardy donkeys). This was one of the most memorable, tuneful and loudest welcomes that we had on the journey. We were greeted by at least 50+ school kids – all singing and clapping as they led us into the stable yard of the GH&DT. Amazing and very very touching.

    A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush

    Movie clip 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qj0vq3Q6qo&feature=relatedA day off on the River Gambia,near Sambel Kunda, for the Short Walk team (Momadou, our donkey handler,  had decided to stay home with his new wife who lives near Sambel Kunda and who he had not seen for a couple of weeks). Being on the Gambia River is one of mine and Florio’s all time favourite things to do; we are on it whenever the opportunity arises! Its so peaceful, as you will see. Also, when the sun is going down, and its getting to the cooler part of the day, the wildllife really comes alive and the air is filled with birdsong and the river with jumping fish……..a truly stunning sight to see.

    Gibril from The Gambia Horse & Donkey Trust passes us on the raod.

    Gibril, the vet, from TGHDT passes us on the road, after we leave Sambel Kunda. He is on route to administer their routine, much needed and free, veterinary treatment to the local villages in the surrounding area’s.

    If you have a moment, please visit the GHDT website to see the amazing work that founder, Heather Armstrong, and her team of volunteers are carrying out in The Gambia. They are a charity so are completely reliant on donations. Even if you can’t donate yourself right now, please spread the word. Lastly, please be aware that there are some disturbing images on the site BUT, there are many great success stories too.

    Many thanks. Florio & Jones


    Images: Florio-2009

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